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"I and many of my customers so that every day wearing a pair of feet, one pair behind him." Wang Zhen said that many white-collar christian louboutin outlet online women in Jinan is "with shoes family", just as they are every day carries the package, carrying a lipstick Like to go out, with a pair of high heels will give them a sense of security.

This sense of security, and some people need to work. As "Lala", the female white-collar workers will christian louboutin outlet be finished after crowded bus, subway, in front of the office to put on high heels to complete the transformation of the workplace identity.

Others are needed occasions, such as parties, entertainment and so on, a pair of high heels will give them confidence. More people are for security reasons, such as to cheap christian louboutin outlet prevent safety problems caused by high heels while driving.

Women in the end more keen on the heels of a survey conducted by the network showed cheap christian louboutin shoes outlet the attitude in dealing with high-heeled shoes, 69% of women chose "Yes, pretty decent," only 21 percent of women could "free and easy" to say?: "Do not like to wear flat shoes much good."

Under what circumstances, female talent is not keen to wear high heels answer to this question, the reasons accounting for the top three are:? christian louboutin online outlet of women believe that one is concerned with the health, unaware of the health hazards; 22% Women think that when mainstream aesthetic standard is changed, no longer a proud tall; 16% of women are directly select "Do not be silly, nothing can stop a woman wearing high heels."

Woman on the heels of the preference has been evident, but christian louboutin outlet online also obvious discomfort. Canadian designer Tanya Heath is a "shoes with family": wear flat shoes to go out in the morning, go to work in the subway change heels. Even so, over the years out of the wrong feet. So she invented a can change with high heels, let the heel from between 4 cm to 9 cm christian louboutin outlet online shop arbitrarily switch.

These high and low heel, heel style is also diverse, rich colors, simple basic models, there are rivets, decorated with ornate pattern models. To this end, also opened a special shop heel, just the same as the shoes, you can make women were chosen at random heel. christian louboutin online shop outlet These heels are priced around 30 Euro.

"Really I want to be one pair." This is high-heeled shoes Jinan troubled women who wish. In Jinan, you really can come one pair? Wang Zhen said that in christian louboutin outlet sale China, there is no such specialized store heel. "This exchange with, nor is it you just buy a pair of shoes, you can put with, it must be the Canadian designer of shoes to match the heel."

Wang Zhen said. In fact, on the heels on an issue, there are a lot of people thinking. In 2011, christian louboutin outlet shop Taiwan has a designer, in order to prevent old female high-heeled shoes with a heel too tired, you can make high-heeled shoes designed with different change to match a new shoe ideas.

Although there is no specific heel Jinan store, but reporters found that the Internet can buy high-heeled heel. In an Taobao buyers show where a woman took a christian louboutin outlet shoes pair of flat shoes with by way of heightening, into a high-heeled shoes. Online sale of these heel is also very cheap, priced at 10 yuan each. Of course, the aesthetics, the heel on less than many designers want to.

Wild Queen office or office, as well as the best outlet christian louboutin choice for everyday wear, almost all casual, formal clothing can easily match, of course, except sweat pants. Healthy and perfect heel height should be about 3 to 5 cm, more than 5 cm will break the balance of power of the body, especially on the developing teenage unfavorable.

6 to 8 cm height is the most popular beauty, is a favorite of fashionable office worker. Like it or not, adult women will buy christian louboutin sale outlet twelve pairs at home, with suits, dresses, wide leg pants are a good choice.

10 cm heel inspired by the fifties and sixties of the last century, Princess of Morocco, a famous Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly of platform heels. This shoe is not only the front end a little booster, reduces anxiety so stilted half, starting with a circle skirt is very elegant, and christian louboutin shoes outlet heel height and fall, can create a more elegant style.

12 cm super-high heels Plus Ultra mini skirt, so that the body immediately convex curve. But ordinary people wear have a strong courage, perseverance and strength, mostly go christian louboutin shop online outlet station models to wear, although sometimes they may not hold firm.