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High-heeled shoes, beautiful, sexy, lengthen the leg line, can you make it? High heels are not a woman's patents, is evidence cheap wholesale christian louboutin shoes of a man to wear high heels, but also dressed "poised."

It used to be a 17th-century aristocrat Western Europe's most popular fashion ~! Hegel said: There is reasonable. Yes, it may jump out from the hypocritical, national dress sense of judgment and to simply look at wholesale christian louboutin this "history of man's heels."

16 century and the first in Europe to introduce the high-heeled shoes is six inches Persian horse shoes, men christian louboutin wholesale wear high heels is purely practical - easier ride horseback, landed on the saddle. Western European nobility immediately liked this Persian-style shoes, high heels and let grow to 20 inches, overnight, high-heeled shoes as a sign of the masculine, the only option for a strong appearance. In addition, the higher the more wear to show social wholesale christian louboutin shoes status.

Since then got out of hand, these men not only like to wear high heels aristocrat, also accessories like complicated, extremely gorgeous dress, everything is built on showing off and there is no cheap christian louboutin china wholesale practical basis, is very representative of the Sun King Louis XIV liked to spend and so on silk uppers of red high heels, he ordered that only members of the court are eligible to wear red high heels. Louis XIV is said to have a close relationship with the red shoes, Christian Louboutin visible noble elegance.

However, to the 17th century, big men rejected christian louboutin for cheap wholesale era began, pragmatic and rational return of the spirit so that men seek a dark, simple, more in line with their gender dress: abandon the high-heeled shoes and a variety of beautiful accessories.

At this time, a man wearing high heels would be considered a fool and a sissy! It is now the so-called "Mother Gun" it! The woman christian louboutin wholesale distributors began to pursue unconventional fashion and ultra-high heel high heels, heels are increasingly slim and elegant.

As everyone knows, the original high-heeled shoes for men born, because of the woman and red! christian louboutin china wholesale Against the history of man's heels only hehehe us, or to just enjoy the original illustrations from the British luxury electric provider Farfetch - The history of the evolution of fashion footwear now!

After the war from the 1920s pop band T heels, to present avant-garde architectural style heels exaggerated; from "The Great Gatsby" era to the era of Lady Gaga, the christian louboutin wholesale shoes paper combines a classic Hollywood movie and age idol, and interspersed with 20 brilliant colors of the star image and high heels illustration.

High-heeled shoes for women, and not just a Wikipedia in the "high heel shoes" these words christian louboutin wholesale china can be defined. Heels gives a woman confidence, poise, and more easily maximize the charm of a woman. As Marilyn Monroe said, "Give the girl the right pair of shoes, she can go conquer the world", we take it for granted that she said, must be high-heeled shoes. cheap christian louboutins replica wholesale Do you know what kinds of heels it?

The first thing is to pick high heels heels flat on the ground to observe the center of gravity of the wholesale cheap replica christian louboutins shoe to the heel was 45 °! So whether it's with height, at least it will be a pair of comfortable shoes. 45 ° shoes will make your whole foot by force, will be very comfortable to wear.

If you are visually down more than 45 °, or 60 °, ...... then you put it to walk less than five minutes, you'll wait for them to take off it. A good pair of shoes, arch design must be wholesale christian louboutin shoes for cheap reasonable, to assume the pressure arch, allowing high-heeled shoes could be like as comfortable as flats.

High heels placed on the ground, if you find one centimeter curled toes, then you buy a good christian louboutin shoes wholesale pair of shoes. Because with high heels so feet will go forward, slightly at the toe to avoid this pressure, thereby reducing the toes squeeze. So be sure to look at the toe shoes when Alice is not Alice. Of course, the toe is not the more the better of Alice, Alice had shoes can make you feel uncomfortable toes.