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Some people say, what heels are too high, there are waterproof on the line! Wrong! Waterproof energy relieve forefoot pressure, but cheap christian louboutins replica wholesale the negative effect is the "road feel" very obvious, especially up and down stairs and slightly uneven pavement, likely to cause accidental injury, it is easy to grind or Wei feet. Therefore, the water table is best not more than 3cm.

Most want to see is a clumsy way to walk in high heels who tried to put the wholesale cheap replica christian louboutins whole foot on the ground. Not only looked unsightly, go up like a crab. In fact, the correct high-heeled shoes should be worn so that the heel (heel) ground first, then slowly down the entire foot, when the toes touch the ground when the heel is also just off the ground. So go both light and elegant.

Wearing high heels often encounter standing okay, but a walk on the fall issue. How to move in order to maintain balance? The secret lies in the cheap wholesale christian louboutin shoes pace as much as possible a small step, so easy to master gravity. Japanese woman wearing a kimono geta imagine when split step, which is when you wear high heels to walk way.

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This time if the control is not good and it is easy to fall forward ankle, it might be time to walk in the back straight and slightly tilted back a little, so you can control the forward speed. A closer look at those bloggers beat the street, some are behind the bird's leg a cheap christian louboutin china wholesale step farther, the body is straight back tilting.

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Global and North American film history of the first week at the box office record of courage is not covered. Although the film is in the history of Clare wayward heroine minimal christian louboutin china wholesale styling (from start to finish only one set of clothes), but her life proved one thing: a woman dies fashion!

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Advanced image designer Wang Zhen, go out every day, she would carry christian louboutin shoes wholesale two bags: a small bag outside, and a large bag, the bag, containing a pair of high heels every day different.

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